Alternative forms of project delivery

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Joint Board of Practice
of the The Alberta Association of Architects and
The Association of Professional Engineers, Geologists and Geophysicists of Alberta Feb 2005 1 of 16
.1 In the building industry today, conventional methods of project delivery are being challenged by Clients, Consultants and Contractors alike, in an attempt to save time, reduce costs, avoid litigation, minimize conflict or to improve the overall building quality. .2 All methods of project delivery can be defined to be in one of the four following primary categories:

.1 Traditional Method (Design - Bid - Build)
.2 Construction Management
.3 Design - Build
.4 P3 (Public Private Partnership)
.3 Within each category there are optional variations, which may be preferred by the client or may be more appropriate depending on the type of project. Each method of construction delivery has advantages and limitations, which vary according to the type and conditions of the project.

.4 Across the Alberta Construction Industry, which includes Architects, Engineers, Contractors and Owners, there appears to be a lack of consistency of opinion regarding: .1 The advantages and disadvantages of each method and

.2 The appropriate criteria to use when selecting a method for a particular project. 1.2 AFPD WORKSHOP
.1 In March 2003 a two-day workshop was held in Edmonton on Alternate Forms of Project Delivery.
.2 The Joint Board of Practice of the Alberta Association of Architects (AAA) and the Association of Professional Engineers, Geologists and Geophysicists of Alberta (APEGGA) sponsored the Workshop.

.3 The Workshop was attended by 53 participants representing: .1 AAA,
.3 The Consulting Engineers of Alberta,
.4 The Alberta Construction Association,
.5 Alberta Roadbuilders and Heavy Construction Association,
.6 The Federal Government (PWGSC),
.7 Alberta Infrastructure, Alberta Transportation,
.8 Calgary Regional Health Authority,
.9 Capital Health Authority,
.10 City of Edmonton,
.11 City of Calgary,
.12 A Construction Insurance Firm
.13 Reynolds Mirth Richards & Farmer Barristers & Solicitors. .4 The focus of this sessions was to:
.1 Discuss common elements of understanding, appropriate rationale for application and general acceptability of each of the various methods of project delivery from the perspective of each section of the industry,

Joint Board of Practice
of the The Alberta Association of Architects and
The Association of Professional Engineers, Geologists and Geophysicists of Alberta Feb 2005 2 of 16
.2 Document these perspectives to provide some clarity and guidance for both clients and younger professionals, when determining the most appropriate method for a given project.
.1 The traditional method involves three primary parties: Owner, Consultant and Contractor. .2 It is a three stage process (also referred to as “Design- Bid- Build”), where the owner contracts with the other two primary parties, under two separate contractual agreements: .1 In the first contract, the Owner engages the services of a Prime Consultant (Architect or Engineer), to develop a design and prepare construction documents. .2 In the second contract, the Owner issues the construction documents for competitive tender, to engage the services of a Construction Contractor to build the project. 2.2 DESIGN-BID-BUILD

.1 The owner selects Consultants (Architects & Engineers) to design and prepare construction documents, usually based on a predetermined budget and a Functional Program or at least some type of description of the project requirements. .2 Construction Firms bid on the work (submit tenders), based on the construction (tender) documents prepared by the Consultants. The work is generally awarded to the lowest bidder, as a fixed price (stipulated sum or lump sum) contract. .3 The Contractor builds the project with...
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