Study Skills

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Study Skills
To have good study skills there are many things that must come together for this to happen; time management, goal setting, and the study environment are just three important areas that will be discussed. Time management will be the first important area that will discussed. We all at some point in our lives have to somehow deal with time management. As Goodstein (1999) expressed, “learning to manage time well is a key skill for success at home and in the workplace” (p 44). A prime example of using time management is the assignment of this final paper. We all knew that we had eight weeks to complete this assignment; the instructor gave us a schedule of what we should be accomplishing each week to achieve our end result. If we chose to use that schedule or not is our own decision. Mundsack (2002) explains the value of a schedule as “the most important thing you can do by way of organizing your life for studying is to make a schedule. A schedule makes time by cutting out wasted motion…by having a schedule; you can avoid the hit-or-miss approach that causes some students to tackle the hardest or dullest subject when they are least able to concentrate” (p. 27). Schedules are a great tool for everyone to use when it comes to time management and according to Walsh (2008) “a schedule can provide satisfaction when properly executed” (p. 18). Now that we have discussed time management, we are going to explore the importance of setting goals. Setting goals whether they are short or long term can be more than or just as important as time management is. When people do not set goals they have no idea what they may or may not want to do in their personal or professional endeavors. When setting goals people should make two separate lists. First one should be for short term goals; these are goals that can be accomplished within one or two months. The other list should be for long term goals, which should be accomplished within one year. Goodstein (1999) stated,...
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