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Study Skills

By dboi40 Oct 27, 2008 1241 Words
Study Skills
What is the definition of study skills? Well, study skills are strategies and methods of purposeful learning, usually centered around reading and writing; but effective study skills are essential for students to acquire good grades in school (Keeley). You started learning effective study skills in pre-school, when you were supposedly studying for quizzes and math tests, so you can make good grades. As those days went on, and you got older, you start to learn more different ways that you can study in order for you to continue to make good grades. Some of those forms you might have learned may include note taking, memory, and repetition. Well, using all of those forms can help, but if u do not use them correctly it can also break you. I say that because every study skill have a way that it should be done, and if its not done the way it should it can lead you into a failing matter, and a very disappointing mind state. It’s a couple of things you should try to do before you start to study that would make the environment right, and those things are moving all distractions and finding a real quiet place (Zalaquet). Some distractions may include cell phones and even the television. I say that because both of those items can side track you, and then you would end up losing your focus. If you’re studying in a quiet area it will be hard for you to lose focus and attention on what you Wilson 2

should be getting done. Well, in this paper I’m going to be talking about some study skills that work for me, and should work for you in college.
“The majority of college success is due to motivation and time management,” Zalaquet also said that, “motivation is the key to success in school.” This quote is really true because without motivation in college, there is a good chance of you failing or flunking out of your college years. Motivation is also needed to study because if you don’t have it then you are definitely going to just blow it off and not take it as serious as you should. So, yes you really do need motivation in college to really succeed.

Time management is also needed in college to succeed because if you don’t know how to manage your time it can, and will cost you. Time management is also the act of controlling all events (Keller). Meaning when you prepare to do something you won‘t let anything get in your way. In order to have good time management skills you have to be on task and responsible. I say that because if you’re not on task anything can draw you away from studying during the time that you scheduled, and if you are not responsible you won‘t be able to handle the time management skill. For instance, a party in college can throw you off, and sometimes just wanting to relax and chill with the guys or girls can throw you off too. This is another reason why some students in the pass couldn’t make it through college because of their time managing skills. I think time management is good because it really helps you with keeping focus and it also helps you with getting your work done. Therefore, time management is a skill that is used in the college life, and will continue to be used as a successful study skill.

Another study skill that should work is the memorization method. The art of Wilson 3
memorization is referred to as mnemonics. Mnemonics are methods for remembering information that is otherwise quite difficult to recall (Manktelow). This skill is not for everybody to use; I say that because some people don’t have the ability to remember a lot of stuff, especially if you don’t like to listen well. Yes, in order to use this skill you have to listen and absorb everything that is being said at that point and time. Some people call it mental notes; which mean you have to install it to your brain and not forget anything on that subjects matter. I use the memorization method a lot because I’ve been blessed to have a good memory, and I’ve been taught to pay attention in class, even when your not doing anything. You should do this because you shouldn’t want to miss any important information and you should want to do it to stay on top of the class. So, that is another study skill you could use when you are trying to study or take a test.

The best and last study skill there is to me is called note taking. Note taking is when you write notes down while your advisor is giving a lecture or talking about something. Taking notes develops a sense of listening, allowing the reader to recognize main ideas, and giving the understanding of organizing material (McMillan). To give a summary of what McMillan says about note taking is basically saying that when you are note taking the student record significant facts, and the lecturers emphasizes and perspectives. Then she said that taking lecture notes in class keeps the students focused and concentrated on the lecture. She also said that by taking notes in class means you are a serious and honorable type of student, and that shows how much you really care about your studies. I agree with everything she says because by taking notes in class, shows that you are really trying to get a better education, and it shows your professor how much you Wilson 4

care about passing. If you take notes in class be sure to rewrite your notes so that you can get a better understanding, and so you can use that as a study utensil. Taking notes in college is very important because it basically it helps you out with class and your studies. If you are a good note taker you shouldn’t have any problems with missing information and having bad notes to refer back too when its needed. So, note taking is a great study skill to use in the classroom if you don’t know how to use anything else.

In conclusion, study skills are very important to learn throughout life because without some type of study skills under your belt, how would you succeed in life. Unfortunately, some study skills aren’t for everyone because some just don’t understand how to use it, and some just might feel comfortable with the way they’ve been studying for the pass years. It wouldn’t hurt to try different methods of studying, just as long as you put forth effort to do the best you can in whichever way you choose to study. In college young adults have to study, in order to get good grades because if they don’t they will be paying the university to get kicked out of it for failing and bad decisions! So, if you want to be a great student study and do your work and can’t nothing stop you from having success on your chest. So, those are some types of studying skills that you can use for testing and anything else you need to prepare for. So, remember, “studying is everything, and everything is studying (Schulze).”

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