Study Skills

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Study Skills
What is the definition of study skills? Well, study skills are strategies and methods of purposeful learning, usually centered around reading and writing; but effective study skills are essential for students to acquire good grades in school (Keeley). You started learning effective study skills in pre-school, when you were supposedly studying for quizzes and math tests, so you can make good grades. As those days went on, and you got older, you start to learn more different ways that you can study in order for you to continue to make good grades. Some of those forms you might have learned may include note taking, memory, and repetition. Well, using all of those forms can help, but if u do not use them correctly it can also break you. I say that because every study skill have a way that it should be done, and if its not done the way it should it can lead you into a failing matter, and a very disappointing mind state. It’s a couple of things you should try to do before you start to study that would make the environment right, and those things are moving all distractions and finding a real quiet place (Zalaquet). Some distractions may include cell phones and even the television. I say that because both of those items can side track you, and then you would end up losing your focus. If you’re studying in a quiet area it will be hard for you to lose focus and attention on what you Wilson 2

should be getting done. Well, in this paper I’m going to be talking about some study skills that work for me, and should work for you in college.
“The majority of college success is due to motivation and time management,” Zalaquet also said that, “motivation is the key to success in school.” This quote is really true because without motivation in college, there is a good chance of you failing or flunking out of your college years. Motivation is also needed to study because if you don’t have it then you are definitely going to just blow it off and not...
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