Effective Study Skills

Topics: Mind map, Study skills, Learning Pages: 2 (564 words) Published: September 12, 2010
Why it is so hard to concentrate while studying, or even to study effectively? The hardest part of studying is concentrating on the material at hand. Memorizing everything is nearly impossible, but with a better understanding of effective memorization skills you can improve your memorization skills surely. Did you know that the most effective method of studying is to use notes, or note-cards? Some people actually have trouble taking notes, due to improper note taking methods. Although there are many different methods for effective study skills, there are three that have been proven to be the most effective: concentration, memorization, and note taking skills. Have you ever found yourself reading a paragraph, and when you finish you think to yourself, “What did I just read”? Well lo and behold; it happens to the best of us. One proven method of concentration is to get yourself into a quite, but not completely silent to where you hear yourself think, environment. Also if you will adjust yourself to where you are not slouching or hunching over, as these positions tend to make you ache or get sleepy. The next step is to read at a steady pace, not too fast to where you forget and not to slow to where you read the same thing over and over.

If you’re like me then you probably forget a lot of things you read on a daily basis. I sometimes find myself wishing I was like a computer and I could just store anything and everything, except for viruses. We, as human beings, cannot and will not ever be able to remember everything; however we can remember key items, but only with the proper techniques. The key to remembrance is to review more than once, and take breaks in between your study sessions. Also be sure to prioritize what you plan to study and how you plan to conduct your study sessions. Another proven memorization technique is to take notes, which we will discuss next.

Proper note taking is probably the hardest of the three steps, due to most people not knowing...
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