Study Habits

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In chapter 5, we talked about reinforcement and I've made the comment that we "get good at what we do, so what are we doing?".  Regarding your study habits, what are some of the positive and/or negative habits that have been conditioned? Remember the triangle (thoughts, feelings, behaviors) and assess your habits according to all three domains.  For instance, what are your thoughts about studying when you sit down to study? How would you describe your feelings about studying or the amount of stress you feel? Where and when are you studying? You don't have to answer these exact questions, but you need to discuss each of the three domains and how your studying applies to what's been conditioned for each. Once you have determined what's been conditioned, discuss that and at least two things that you could do different in order to improve your study habits.  Then discuss overall what you envision a quality or ideal study time and environment to be...

Journal Entry #3
Pravin Patel
Study Habits
Study habits for me has been changing since my childhood day and now I Have lot broader aspect of study habits that I have conditioned through time. Some of my good habits that I conditioned when I was in high school were cramming and nothing else. Hopefully I still remembered my study techniques with no procrastination in that list!!! Anyways the good study habits that I have conditioned in recent couple years of my college life are – very little amount of cramming, mental visualization, self- explanation of concepts or topics, practice problems. As subject varies, the study habits vary that means for me I am combining a lot of study techniques to study one subject. Furthermore, my biggest and worst enemy that has been conditioned in my studying process is Procrastination and skimming the topics. To analyze the positive and negative study habits I took the triangle (thoughts, feelings, behavior) to better explain my study habits. Before going through triangle...
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