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Topics: American Revolution, Quebec, Native Americans in the United States Pages: 8 (2043 words) Published: February 17, 2014

Block: B
Socials9 Study Guide: Final Exam
Multiple choice sections:
Chapter six: 1-20
1. Coniferous trees: Coniferous trees have small, waxy and usually narrow leaves (needles or flat scales). 'Coniferous' means that it is a cone-bearing tree. 2. Appalachian region: Some of the landforms found in this region are low mountains, flat uplands, forests, rocky cliffs, and many islands. Climate can be described as cool and wet for most of the year. Variety of vegetation that grows in the Appalachian region. 3. Deciduous Trees: Trees that drop their leaves each autumn are called 'deciduous' 4. The main river that runs through the interior Plains?: The Mississippi river 5. Current that brings cold water south from the Arctic?: The east Greenland current 6. Deposits of coal and oil are found in this rock?: Sedimentary 7. The coastal Plaines: Area of flat, low-lying land adjacent to a seacoast and separated from the interior by other features 8. A steep cliff formed by erosion: An escarpment

9. Sinkhole: A cavity in the ground
10. The tundra: The northern most vegetation region
11. The intermountain plateau: Next to the west coast of Canada & USA 12. The western cordillera: Area that consists of range by range of mountains, separated by plateaus and valleys. 13. A level swamp or bog: Muskeg

14. Prairie provinces are found in this region: Interior Plains 15. Deltas: An area of soil or silt deposits built up at the mouth of a river 16. Tectonics: to do with the structure of the earth
17. Canadian shield: Geographic foundation of Canada, covering over half the surface area 18. Region well known for hurricanes: The coastal plains
19. The interior plains: Composed of gently rolling hills and deep river valleys 20. Brackish lakes: Somewhat salty
Chapter seven: 21-40
21. Traditional dwelling of the plains Indians: Tipi
22. Salmon was the staple of this native group: The plateau people 23. Totem poles: large red cedar log that depicts family history 24. Important tree to west coast natives: Cedar trees
25. Northern city that bears the name of native group: Yellowknife 26. Native group best known for growing crops: Iroquois
27. The Inuit: Native group that resides in the arctic
28. The main tribe in Newfoundland: Beothuk
29. Main winter dwelling of the Inuit: igloo
30. Bison: buffalo
31. Shaman: Spiritual leaders in native groups
32. West coast Indians gave possessions in this ceremony: Potlatch 33. Stones, piled together to look like men: Inuksuk
34. Early native lamps: Soapstone
35. Palisade: A defensive fence
36. Iroquois nation: Live in the fertile country of the Great Lakes 37. Pemmican: Very nutritious trail food made of dried buffalo meat and lard 38. Extended family: People who are related to members of the nuclear family 39. Catching buffalo: The natives would use pounds, jumps and corral 40. Moving in with family after marriage: Bilateral kinship

Chapter eight: 41-60
41. Vineland: Founded by Leif the Lucky
42. L’Anse aux Meadows: Place where settlers came
43. The Grand Banks: Found in Newfoundland
44. The Jesuits: Priests who came to Canada to convert natives 45. The French-Indians wars: Caused by Cartier
46. The first governor of new-France: Frontenac
47. The battle of the Plains of Abraham: For who would control New-France 48. Sovereign Council: Governor, Bishop and Intendant
49. Mercantilism: Economic theory
50. The Plains of Abraham: Montcalm & Wolfe
51. Louisburg: Cape Britain
52. Cartier: Replaced by Robervalle
53. Feudal system in New-France: Seigneuries
54. First bishop of New-France: Laval
55. Coureur de bois: French who stayed with natives and looked for furs 56. Scurry: Lack of vitamin-C
57. Lachine rapids: By Montreal
58. French peasant: Habitants
59. Battle of Quebec: 1759
60. Fool’s Gold: Jacques Cartier
Chapter Nine: 61-80
61. Ft. William: On Lake Superior
62. Chief Factor: Someone in charge of a trade post
63. Portaging: Carrying the canoe when the water isn’t safe...
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