Student Leadership Evaluation
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Student Leadership Evaluation
A positive student leader is someone who is involved in the school and their main goal is to include everyone possible. They don’t reject anyone’s ideas, but they give them positive criticism. They don’t blow someone off just because they think that their ideas are bad, but they accept others including their ideas. They get things done in an efficient manner, and include others at the same time not judging them. When they don’t have an assigned task to get done, they look for things to get done. On the other hand, a negative student leader is someone who just sits around. They pretend like they are doing something, not caring about the task. They distract others from getting done, whether it be gossiping, providing negative input or comments, or just fooling around. They are always negative, stating that they hate the school or giving the class a negative reputation. They aren’t open to new ideas, and they don’t like meeting people or associating with people. They are a follower, and don’t like getting out of their comfort zone. They don’t take risks and are always judging others, which shows that they are insecure with themselves. I believe that leadership traits are in one’s personality. The motivation of wanting to be a leader or become a better leader I think just comes naturally to one. I think to become a leader you have to be motivated and determined to improve things and make things better in general. One must be positive, always trying to look on the bright side of things. But at the same time, they must be rational and be real about things. I think that leadership can be taught to one, and we become a better leader from our mistakes. I think that seeing someone else lead positively can help us become a better leader, and working with others that have the same incisive look on things can make someone a better leader. Think that to be taught to become a leader you have to want to be one, and you can’t be negative about

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