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Topics: Leadership, Management, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi Pages: 3 (908 words) Published: August 12, 2013
You are repeating ''leader" so often that your essay don't sound good. Just read it aloud and you'll understand what I mean.

A positive attitude is another essential quality a leader must have in order to do well in office. A leader must see things in a positive light or else everything will not go as planned. For example, if a huge crisis was going on and a leader had a mind of a pessimist, he would scare "his people" into thinking the situation is way worse than what it really is. On the other hand, and optimist would look on the "bright" side and think positive and think of a way to overcome the crisis and assure "his people" that everything is OK. Which is something all leaders should do. Respect is a quality that all leaders should have. When a leader is respectful, his people will respect him in return. The people want someone who looks out for their best interest as well as respect them. If a leader doesn't show respect or show that they care, no one will accept him/her as their leader. A leader is a role model. One who sets positive examples for others. A leader who doesn't have the motivation, respect, and the right mind-set will not and can not do well in office. it's the ones who see the world as an optimist who will make great leaders.

I also consider that you should write better introduction: one sentences doesn't seem enoough for me. I'm not a native speaker, so my suggestions might be wrong. You can take it or leave it. It's up to you. “I suppose leadership at one time meant muscles; but today it means getting along with people.” The great, spiritual leader of India, Mohandas K. Gandhi, tells us what leadership is all about- being a people’s person.   Although the characteristics and qualities, which make up a good leader, vary depending on the person and the situation, I do agree with this. Good leaders are not those who achieve success by underhand methods, but they are the ones that understand his/her followers before undertaking the...
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