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Employee Payroll and Attendance Management Information System is software that will administrate the financial record of employee’s salaries, wages, bonuses, Net pay, and deductions; and helping the administration to establish Employee Payroll and Attendance automatically according to the inserted employee’s specifications. The system will make sure that the employees are punctual and do their jobs on time. With this system, the administrator may save their time to observe the employees. More broadly, it is extremely important to any company, when hundreds of people work in a business it is thus very difficult to pay every employee in person. This management was a breakthrough technique that helped companies to solve problems of managing the salaries of the employees. This process is done differently in various companies. Some of the companies use traditional manual method of the employee payroll processing which is defined as the traditional employee payroll system which involves pen and ink, adding machine, spreadsheets, etc instead of computers, software and other information technology system. The process was very popular when there were no computerized means for employee payroll processing. It will help in calculating payable amount and deductions very easily. It also helps in generating the pay slip in less time. Automated calculation results without errors. Data is validated automatically by the software. This system provides easy to use and reliable employee attendance tracking and reporting. It will allow employee to sign in at the beginning of the work and sign out at the end of the work. The system will monitor the employees working time. Besides, the system can store the records for employees such as their personal details information. The system will calculate the amount of employees who works over time, coming late. Based on the calculation of the above categories, the system will be able to generate various reports such as attendance record, monthly attendance record and employee attendance analysis.

In the case of Umwwarimu SACCO, due to the increase of employees, it is not an easy task to produce employee payroll manually. Umwarimu SACCO employee payroll management system will be aa software system to help financial management from Umwarimu SACCO in their daily work; to manage salaries, wages bonuses and deductions. Through this system, Umwarimu SACCO can better manage its employee payroll system and makes this complicated function a lot easy.

The system will overcome the problems of keeping tracks the records of the employees, and provide an effective way to monitor the employees' attendance. This system will provide a user-friendly interface to make the system easy to use.


Umwarimu SACCO is Saving and credit Company for Rwanda teachers mandated to empower the members toward uplifting of their social-economic welfare and to contribute to social-economic development of the community in which they live through the prudent use of loans granted to them from a pool of their savings which contribute to poverty reduction efforts. It is an initiative of the President Paul Kagame to empower the teachers towards uplifting their social-economic welfare, with its head of office in Remera, Gasabo district, in currently operates with branches in more than 15 districts including Gasabo, Gicumbi, Musanze, Muhanga, Rubavu, Huye, Nyamagabe, Rusizi, Nyanza, Nyagatare, Kayonza, Rwamagana, Ngoma, Karongi, and Nyamata.


Every company has its own set of rules and regulations regarding time, salary processing, payroll management and attendance management. Streamlining the administration and management of the employee’s payroll is challenging. As UMWARIMU SACCO is concerned, it is still using the manual employee payroll processing which tedious, error...
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