Attendance Monitoring System

Topics: Systems Development Life Cycle, Arithmetic mean, Computer Pages: 14 (2726 words) Published: January 11, 2011

A proposal presented to St. Nicolas College of Business and Technology 2nd floor, MELVI Bldg. Olongapo - Road City of San Fernando, Pampanga

Prepared by:

Consumo, Karen Mae M.
Mamangun, Mary Ann M.


1.1 Introduction

Learning is the basic foundation of knowledge it can be acquired in variety of ways like reading books, journals, newspapers, magazines or by personal experiences. Knowledge is very much essential and the quality of the knowledge acquired depends on the manner how knowledge was disseminated and how was knowledge acquired by the learner. As technology grows fast, certain advancements are being developed nowadays and life is getting even better to live with. It makes every task as easy as possible and nothing seems too tiring if human tasks are aided with technology. It can be applied in any aspects of life; on medicines, sciences, military, and entertainment and even in the fields of education as a tool for advance learning. We suggest An Employee Attendance Monitoring System with Payroll using Barcode not only for big companies but also in every organization. This system makes easy to the employer to keep a track and check on the human resources department just by a click of the mouse thus making the work extremely easy for people having offices.


Sta. Maria High School

Sta. Maria High School was founded at 1968. Its first operation was 1969 with 50 students and a 974 was the total population of the school.
There life purpose is to educate and serve the less privileged but deserve students of Sta. Maria High School.

To develop and provide high quality education, academic and technical skills programs that would ensure the productivity of young men and women through proper values and principles to achieve success for a better quality of life.

1.2.2 VISION
Caring and committed school developing professional’s students towards the transformation of the Barangay Sta. Maria Minalin, Pampanga.

1.3 Statement of the Problem

1.4.1 General problem
One of the major problems that are being encountered in the school is having difficulties in identifying the attendance of each faculty members. Also the school is having difficulty in computing the faculty’s salary.

1.4.2 Specific Problem
Since the existing system used the manual process of monitoring the attendance and computing the teacher’s salary, the following problems are encountered: * In accuracy of attendance.
The checker monitors the faculty attendance manually from time to time without knowing if the teacher is late.

* Manual computation of salary.

Since the school uses daily time card, the school computes the salary of the teachers based on the hour in the time card.

* Inaccurate computation of the total hours of the faculty members.
School may encounter wrong computation of the salary of the teachers.

1.4 Objectives of the Study

Listed below are specific objectives forecasted by the proponent to develop a system that would: * To be able to monitor late teachers.
The system will store transaction information in a centralized database. It will provide a log- in log- out system using barcode where you can monitor the late comer teachers. * Lessen and makes work easier and better.

The proposed system will lessen the tasks in computing the total salary of each faculty members since the system is provided by payroll system. * To provide accurate monitoring computation of salary.

The system will compute the salary automatically.

1.5 Theoretical / Conceptual framework of the Study
The proponents used the system theory to foretell what will be the possible input-process-output methods for the development of the proposed...
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