LAN-Based Voting System

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3.0 Employee Registration System for Mustang Security Agency Inc. The proposed system was used to correct the deficiency that the manual filing process has. The system gives an accurate result. It also provides printable information of the employees and also on their previous assigned companies.

3.1 System Overview
The following were the different modules of the proposed system and its capabilities with regards to registration process. Registration Module
This module allows the staff of the HR to register the new applied security guard. Client Module
This module allows the HR to register the companies that asking for their service. Employee Track Record Module
This module allows the HR to save the employment record of the security guards on their assigned companies.

3.2 System Objectives
The following were the different deliverables that the system had: Provided an accurate search result.
The proposed system has a module that gave an exact result when it comes in searching employee information. Printable Employee Information
The employee registration system generates a printable employee information. Every employee has unique employee ID
The system provided a unique employee ID for easily tracking of records. The System has image capturing
The system had a image capturing features for easily identifying the employees.

3.3 System Scope and Limitations
The system was bounded with different deliverables that defined the scope and limitations of the system.

The system included the following functions:
Printable Employee Information
The system can print the information and employment track records of the employees..

Image Capturing Features
The system used an image capturing features to identify the employees easily.

The system doesn’t cover the attendance monitoring and payroll of the employees it only serves as registration system to easily find files of the employees.

3.4 Physical Environment Resources
The following were the...
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