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Student Attitudes on Software
Piracy and Related Issues in
Computer Ethics
Group 5
Joe Santiago
Marvie Fulgencio
Erik Ong
Sheena Sepuesca

Use of computers and information

•It can be defined as "copying and
using commercial software purchased
by someone else".

CC2001 curricular guidelines include a
recommendation of 10 hours of instruction on
professional and ethical conduct

Several textbooks have appeared on the market
for use in courses on Computer Ethics

Cohen and Cornwell (1989a) engaged in
software piracy and they consider it legal

Husted (2000) determined that several
factors that comprise national culture
influence the probability that someone
will engage in software piracy

Kini, Rominger and Viayaraman (2000)
found and were not affected by
experience with computers but
significantly affected by general
demographic variables such as age

Computer Ethics Works by Johnson (2001),
Spinnello (1997),Ermann et. al. (1997), Forester
and Morrison (1993).

Issues of Computer Ethics

What is Software Piracy?
• Software piracy is defined as illegally
copying software that does not belong
to you in a manner that violates the

(Anderson 1993) the ACM adopted a revised
Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct for
computer professionals

Issues of Computer Ethics

Bill Gates' famous "An Open Letter to
Hobbyists“ he likened software piracy to
outright theft.

Wallace (1992) introduction of the IBM
Personal Computer.

Business Software Alliance (2001) lost over
$540 million in retail sales due to software

Issues of Computer Ethics

Christoph, Forcht and Bilbrey (1987)
computer experience made no significant
difference in their attitudes toward piracy

Harris and Weaver (1994) found extended to
ethical issues in computer use .

Many software publishers allow users to
download basic versions of programs such as
Netscape Navigator, RealPlayer, Flash and



Napster - the digital music sharing
program, became one of the more
popular Internet applications.

two introductory math classes,
three introductory programming classes
seven computer literacy class

Previous surveys were conducted

 Omitting questions of this type made it
more difficult to identify the student
completing the questionnaire and it made
their answers more anonymous; therefore
the student was likely to be more candid.
 the classes surveyed were all
introductory courses with roughly half
the students attending Adelphi University
and the other half at Saint Peter’s

KaZaa (Terrell 2003) one of the most
popular variety of music and file
sharing programs that has succeeded
after the courts forced the company to
end its music sharing service.

The survey was conducted in entry-level
undergraduate courses

Sims (1996) showed that younger students
and male students are more likely to commit
software piracy.

Ciolli (2001) the company estimating
10,000 users per second at peak times

Schuster (1987) at western college and
Cohen (1989) at mid western college
◦ The survey also encompassed students at two schools:
◦ Adelphi University, a non-denominational school in Garden City, New York,
◦ Saint Peter’s College, a Catholic college located in Jersey City, New Jersey.
 Half of the classes surveyed did not have the additional questions; they served as a control group to see if the
presence of these questions affected their answers to the
other questions.

Students were asked their experience with computers and their usage. It shows clearly that most of the students were fairly familiar with computer usage and that even those with limited exposure used it for over a year. Most used it for their schoolwork, almost half used it on the job and most used it for recreation as...
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