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Topics: Chemistry, Sodium hydroxide, Mass Pages: 3 (535 words) Published: March 24, 2014
Mass Conservation Lab Report
Purpose: The purpose of the lab was to see how the total mass of the products of a chemical reaction contrast to the total mass of the reactants Hypothesis: The hypothesis for both experiment which involved iron( III ) Nitrate and sodium hydroxide for the first experiment and antacid tablet in water was that the mass would increase by a small amount since during the reaction the product will gain additional energy and mass. Apparatus and Materials:

Eye protection
test tube
two hundred and fifty milliliters beaker
Balance to measure the masses
dilute solutions of sodium hydroxide and iron(III) nitrate antacid tablet
rubber stoppers
Erlenmeyer flask

Method: First experiment
1. Measure five milliliters of sodium hydroxide solution and pour it into the erlemeyer flask 2. Pour iron(III) nitrate into the small test tube and tilt the flask so you can slide the small test tube inside while taking caution making sure that the iron(III) nitrate does not spill 3. Now put the rubber stopper inside the flask to seal the beaker 4. Use the balance and measure the total mass of the flask with its inside 5. Mix the two solutions by moving the flask back and fourth 6. Use the balance again to measure the mass of the flask

7. Record your observations

Method: Second experiment
1. Add fifty milliliters of water into the beaker
2. Take the tablet out of the packaging
3. Use the balance to measure the mass of the beaker along with the water 4. Add the tablet in the beaker(water is already inside of beaker) 5. Now wait until it is not a solid anymore
6. After the reaction has stopped measure the total mass of the beaker 7. Record your observations


Reaction 1
Reaction 2
Does mass change?(Prediction)
It will increase
It will increase
Initial mass of reaction plus container
183.1 grams
251.9 grams
Final mass of product and...
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