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My Attitude Towards Education

By jaliscoguizar10 Mar 04, 2015 887 Words
My Attitude Towards Education
Being a first generation student attending college was the hardest but yet the most rewarding achievement I've made until today. Putting aside the sleepless nights in high school with all the homework and projects. It was the courage I overcame with all the obstacles that life had thrown at me even when I was at my lowest point. Now that I've started attending college you somewhat begin to start the same high school routine, but with a completely different state of mind. Being a first generation student was not only confusing but it made me feel lost. The reason was because, unlike myself, my parents and siblings never had the opportunity to attend college, so they never really quite knew how to help me when starting school.

My parents always wanted the best for my sisters and I. We would get dropped off and get picked up if dad had the chance to. If not we'd somehow find a way home. Whether it's a friend's mom who would give us a lift or simply we'd just take the long walk home. All we knew was that coming up with any type of excuse within my household was never going to work to skip a day of school. My mother always supported me in my decisions. She always believed that I knew what I was doing, although she had always thought that finding a decent jobs in my small town would be a not only better because I'd learn new skills quickly but It'll help out the family immediately. In fact, It all depended upon myself in attending college.

I lived in a small town with my parents and my youngest sister in the state of Jalisco in Mexico at the age of twelve. I was born in San Jose, Ca and raised in Sunnyvale, Ca until I left with my parents to Mexico a few years later. As a kid, I had to transfer to many schools nearly every other year. At one point I even got used to it. It was like the older I was, the less nervous I got on my first day of school. Especially in my high school ages. My high school years were the years that truly opened my eyes, not only in education, but life itself. It was quite scary to know that your life pretty much depends on how well you do as a teenager. My first years were doing great, I was staying focused and on task, but it didn't take much for all that to stop. I slacked off the last two years, I somehow couldn't find an inspiration in anything. I knew I was heading towards the wrong direction, I just somehow couldn't find a way up on my feet. I slowly began to be involved in things that would distract myself.

For example, a few months into Sophomore year in high school. I decided to create a club at school. It was a club that a few schools in other districts had already implemented in their own schools. It was named LSU, short for Latino Student Union. It was a program that would help many Latino students in receiving support while attending school. It was a club where it was okay to forget about all the problems happening at home. You will never be judged, but instead feel support. Throughout the year, I met many type of students. Not only will Hispanics register for the club but many other ethnicities, which would make it even better. Along the way you get to meet these students and learn about their past and what they're going through. In which at most times made me reflex on my own life and what I'm currently going through. Which not only helped me academically but it helped me to understand to not take most things for granted in life. I then began to understand the importance of a high-school diploma as well as receiving a certificate or higher in college.

As a first generation student you learn the importance of education. Growing up watching your parents trying to make ends meet, gets to you as you grow up. Looking at the road ahead. I see many opportunities ahead of me. By attending college not only do I become a better person but I get to be successful in what I've always dreamt about.

"If you're dreams don't scare you, they're not big enough”. I was always that type of person that will always fight for what he wants. I've learned that things worth having aren't easy to get. So for me to attend college is a big milestone already. I've achieved checkpoints that I've thought I'd have no capability of doing so. Being positive goes a long way. Having positive vibes will always give you a positive life. I know I have the support and I know I have the capability to do so. Life experiences transform people to the person they were meant to be. I've become the person that turns every opportunity as a chance taken. To never take for granted the small things in life. An education is the road to living and success, and for me that a road I'm willing to walk through until I reach the very end of.

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