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Student Attendance Monitoring System

By kriztopher12 Jul 03, 2012 354 Words
One problem of school administrators in secondary school is reducing and possibly eliminating the continuous skipping of the students from their classes. According to some researchers almost 56% of students in 2008 indulge in cutting class in a single week, especially now when most of the teens are more careless on their actions and having no doubts to do, what they want to do?

Student Attendance Monitoring System is a gate pass management system with a network-based system that will monitor the presence of the student inside the campus and directly send information to their parents/guardian regarding the absence or the cutting of a class of their child/ward upon checked by the teacher on that day. This system is essential to the elementary and secondary school institution to prevent the cutting classes of the students and to inform their parents/guardian that their child/ward is really absent during that day. This will lessen the work of the school security personnel’s in checking the identity of the students and restrict the entering of the outsiders.

This system needs the Student’s ID for swiping-in and swiping-out on the barcode reader machine (e.i. LRT/MRT Ticketing System). Once you are successfully recognized by the system, it will allow you to pass. At this point, it will update the database that you entered the campus at this specific time. You are required to enter all of your classes since you are identified inside the campus (possible exemption: attended school activities, organizational/school related meetings, etc. as long as approved and credited by the school authorities). If you will not be recognize by the system after the cut-off time, you will be marked as tardy/late for the first subject or otherwise absent. If you commit cutting of class/es the teacher in-charge will validate first then will send a report to the student’s parent/guardian involved at the end of the whole class through SMS/E-mail. Then you will swipe-out your ID and it will update again the database that you are out at this time.

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