Attendance Monitoring Information System

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Background of the study

The Project READ resulted from individual and group studies and experiences of ePerformax staff members in the course of working with potential recruits. Their research yielded the following realities which aroused concern: While there were a lot of better paying jobs for Filipinos who had a good command of the English language, there were not enough Filipinos who could qualify. Job seekers who come from middle income means and higher had better chances to land good jobs because they are more proficient in English and can help themselves to more books to improve themselves. Job seekers who learned English at a younger age tend to have little trouble adjusting to global standards and communication challenges. The younger one develops English skills, the higher the chances of success later on in life. Monetary assistance to the poor tend to be short-lived and non sustaining, but providing them skills for self-help gave them a chance for a better future. Cultivating English proficiency and access to books may provide a solution.

Brief History of the company
ePerformax Contact Centers & BPO (eP) is a joint venture between TDG and ePerformax Contact Centers USA. As one of the first contact centers in the Philippines in 2002, eP provides high-performance customer service and BPO to a strategic group of US Fortune 500 companies. eP provides English speaking inbound customer service, sales support and BPO via voice calls, email and chat supporting client’s customers from the US, Canada and Australia.. eP’s sister company, the Global Communications & Management Academy, provides the essential training and skills to prepare Filipinos for a job in the country’s highly-regarded BPO industry supporting global companies.

Services Offered and its description
They seek to partner with their clients to manage their program from a business perspective to achieve their goals and vision. They think like we think… strategically and financially with a keen focus on the business today and an eye on the future. This means they understand the need to be responsive and proactive. They don’t wait for you to tell us to make improvements. They suggest improvements to us and work with the team to make them happen. Simply put, customer experience involves customer service, plus making sure the customer is fully satisfied at every point where he or she comes into contact with the organization. That’s a never-ending process of listening to the customer, servicing the customer, learning from the customer and improving for the customer. That’s how they view their client partnerships. Their Client Partnership Approach

You provide...| We provide...|
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...your profile of the ideal representative and management team, management ratios and required support staff.| ...our expertise in recruiting, hiring and training the people who specifically meet your ideal profiles. In the Philippines 15+% of the college educated people are underemployed and as a result, we can find people with talent in a variety of fields of expertise at very affordable labor rates.| ...your company and industry expertise.| ...experienced trainers to translate your expertise into foundation training for the people we hire specifically for your dedicated business process or contact center team. And because we enjoy less than 2% voluntary attrition per month, you enjoy tremendous return on your training investment.| ...your product and service training.| ....our trainers to learn from your trainers, or we can support your trainers on site at our company, to provide the team with the knowledge, skills and competencies required to deliver superior performance. Then, using our Performance Maximization Model, we take the team from novice performers to competent performers to superior performers. It’s a proven process that works.| ...your business objectives.| experienced, performance-management team who translates your...
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