Biometric Based Attendance System

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Research Assignment

Objective: To develop biometric based attendance system for STM at different campuses based in Central London.

Purpose: To provide accurate and efficient attendance recording system to keep track of students and provide attendance reports to home office.


▪ To conduct some research into different biometric devices. ▪ To acquire biometric finger print scanner devices ( terminals) ▪ To design and develop the network infrastructure to link the devices to the school database. ▪ To develop the interface software that reads students attendance from the biometric devices and updates the database as and when the students scan their finger. ▪ To generate PDF or Excel reports for top management and home office


You have been asked to set up a project plan for developing biometric based attendance system for School of Technology and Management at different campuses like Chaucer House, Hannibal House, Melior Street, Pocock House and Fenning Street.

Major tasks include conducting some research into biometric devices, which mainly read finger prints. This is required to better understand the biometric devices as there are many, some of which are portable and some can be mounted on the wall and fixed permanently.

Top management decided to go for wall mountable finger print scanner terminals for each class room at all campuses. Each terminal can take 5 seconds to read the finger print on an average. Due to this it is decided to install two devices one in the front and one in the back of the room for big class rooms, which can accommodate 150 students.

To install devices, the network and electricity power points must be provided for each class room. This has to be given for a contractor, who can take at least a week to finish the task. All cabling and electricity materials are provided to the contractor. As a project manager, you are responsible for identifying the location in each class room where the device can be

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