Topics: Trinidad and Tobago, San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago, Tobago Pages: 2 (799 words) Published: April 21, 2013
189 Torrib Tabaquite Road,
New Grant
Princes Town
Trinidad, WI
Monday, 22 March, 2010

My Dearest Aunty Suzette,

Hello. I hope all is well with you. Let me apologise to you for not writing for so long. I have been occupied with school. I am writing you, as you are the Water Conservation campaign manager for the UN, to persuade you to come to Trinidad to run a campaigning like the one you coordinated in Barbados. Sometimes I live in fear. Trinidad goes through a lot of tribulations- bad roads, old schools and the like. Now the newest threat to Trinidad and Tobago is the dry season. It’s as if sweet T and T getting some corbeau luck these days. Now, the sun is searing the land and farmers not producing anything because the ground is cracking up like Crix biscuits. The worst of it is that there is a water shortage. The Arena Dam is 55% full compared to the usual 80% and Navet is 62% full according to WASA. I saw it for myself on my visit to Navet to catch fish with Uncle Mop last month, and where we set up camp was underwater a few months ago. Now WASA patrols are everywhere (dubbed the ‘water police’), looking out to see if anybody is wasting water. It is pressure down here. It was a few months ago when I was enjoying the pools at Harry’s Water Park and I started to reflect on the fact that our water sustainability is quickly diminishing. It’s probable that in the future, we wouldn’t get water for laundry. It’s hard but you never miss anything until it’s gone. I sat down yesterday watching a documentary on water, and they talked about the importance of water. It struck a chord with me as they said factual things. Firstly, humans need water for survival. Our bodies need water for digestion, absorption and transportation of substances around the body. Water is fundamental as it acts as a lubricant on your joints and it also cushions vital organs. It’s critical as it keeps the bowels working properly as it prevents constipation and research suggests...
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