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Trinidad And Tobago

HOW TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO WAS GOVERNED BEFORE INDEPENDENCE Our Nation’s Attainment of Independence in 1962 marked the end of colonial rule that had started during the 16th century under the aegis of Spain and had continued when the British captured Trinidad. In the meantime, Tobago had its own uneven political history, changing hands from one European power to another whilst having its own bicameral elective legislature from as early as 1768. As Crown Colony governance became tighter from the mid-19th...

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Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago The beaches here give me a sense of what heaven would be like. As I walk in the pure white sand, I compare it to the white clouds of heaven. While looking out into the water, I cannot tell the where the Caribbean Sea begins and the clear blue sky ends. Continuing to walk along the beach I come across two tall palm trees that grow over each other, creating an arch; that is my gate to heaven. The ebb and flow of the small waves creates a soothing rhythm as I continue to walk...

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GMM Trinidad and Tobago Pestel

 Trinidad and Tobago The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago occupies the southern part of the Caribbean and consists of two islands: Trinidad and Tobago. The country has a population of around 1.3 million. During the 15th century the islands have been a Spanish colony. During the same century Tobago has been formed of not only Spanish, but British, Dutch and French colonies as well. Since 1962 the country is independent and became a republic fourteen years later in 1976. The republic...

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Social Institutions in Trinidad and Tobago

Social Institutions in Trinidad and Tobago Social Institutions such as family and religion play a major role in determining consumer behaviour because of their highly influential role in today’s society. Their effect is even more telling when it comes to consumer behaviour in Trinidad and Tobago and the world as a whole. Entertainment’s appeal and influence on consumer behaviour in Trinidad and Tobago is highlighted by the media. This has caused the media to be seen as a social institution...

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Trinidad and Tobago and Member States

independent from Britain as a single state. This Federation consisted of ten (10) territories which were: Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, Barbados, Montserrat, Jamaica, Grenada, Saint Lucia, Saint Kitts-Nevis-Anguilla, Saint Vincent and lastly Trinidad and Tobago. The total population of the West Indies Federation was between three (3) and four (4) million people, and contained around twenty-four (24) inhabited islands with the largest being Jamaica. The Federal Parliament was bi-cameral consisting of...

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Sustainable Tourism in Trinidad and Tobago

how I love up dis country. Sweet, sweet T&T! No place in dis world I’d rather be.” In the words of the world renown calypsonian, David Rudder, Trinidad and Tobago is the best place to be, in the world. To us ‘trinis’ this statement speaks no more than the truth, but the challenge becomes to convince those abroad as well. Trinidad and Tobago has always been largely self sufficient in terms of its economic wealth, due to their rich deposits of oil and natural gas. Although this has not changed...

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black arms trade in trinidad and tobago

Committee: Disarmament and international Security Council Country: Republic of Trinidad and Tobago Delegate’s Name: Kirti Sharma School: M.G.D Girl’s School, Jaipur Issue on hand: Topic 1-Affective arms control and prevention of Black arms trade. Black arms trade or gunrunning is the illegal smuggling of contraband weapons and ammunition. The parameters of legal arms trade differ from country to country, according to national and local laws. Small arms trade are usually done on arms which...

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Sociology - Crime in Trinidad and Tobago

In Trinidad and Tobago, crime has always been a major topic of public and political debate. It is often seen as a sign of underlying problems in society which is related to inequality, social deprivation, social class, gender and age. Although Durkheim (1938, first published in 1895) argued that crime is an inevitable and normal aspect of life, people continue to perceive the Caribbean as a place that is growing increasingly dangerous, and these fears can have devastating consequences...

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Enviromental management authority of trinidad and tobago.

Environmental Policy; (b) Develop and implement policies and programmes for the effective management and wise use of the environment, consistent with the objects of this Act; (c) Co-ordinate environmental management functions performed by person in Trinidad and Tobago; (d) Make recommendations for the rationalisation of all government entities performing environmental functions; (e) Promote educational and public awareness programmes on the environment; (f) Develop and establish national environmental...

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Nnewpaper Indudstry in Trinidad and Tobago

inaugurated the very first English Language newspaper in Trinidad and Tobago called 'The Trinidad Weekly Courant'. In 1825 the 'Port of Spain Gazette' was introduced . Later, on the 21st January, 1832 the government established 'The Trinidad Gazette'. This move by the Governor brought with it competition in the newspaper market in the country. By the early 19th century there was over nine major published newspaper in Trinidad and Tobago. This signal and began a boom in the industry, since newspapers...

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