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Case Study
Publisher: Kellogg School of Management
Company: Align Technology. Inc
Product: Invisalign (Orthodontics Unwired)
Question No 1
Diagram Invisalign’s channel structure?
Invisalign’s channel structure
The channel structure consists of two types of flows which are promotional flow and ordering / payment flow. The further details are given below: A) Invisalign
Promotional Flow

Call Centers
Sales Force


B) Ordering / Physical Flow
Invisalign (Santa Clara)

Software Development Pakistan

Invisalign (Santa Clara)


Manufacturing (Maxico)
Invisalign (Santa Clara)

Question No 2
What channel functions and flows are performed by each channel? Answer
A) Functions performed by Promotional Flow
* Sales force
* Call centers
* Media ads
B) Functions performed by Ordering / Physical Flow
Invisalign uses a push strategy where the sales force is setup to target orthodontists, who are the key source of information to the patient. Some functions and flows include * Training on case selection

* Pricing
* Invisalign website
* ClinCheck software
* Toll Free Numbers
The pull strategy is used for
* Media ads
* Direct mail
* Journal advertising
* Trade shows

Question No 3
Who is the member for traditional braces market and for Invisalign? Answer
Members for Invisalign’s Braces Market
* Customers
The patient marks the beginning and end of the channel flow in the Invisalign process, seeking a service for malocclusion treatment from their orthodontist. Customers of Invisalign are incentivized by the nearly invisible look, removable while eating ease, and hygiene of the aligners. * Orthodontists

As for the customer, the orthodontist determines whether or not Invisalign is the appropriate solution. If suitable, the orthodontist will proceed with photographs, X-rays, impressions of dental arches, a wax bite and an Invisalign prescription for the patient. This information is then sent to the next channel member in Santa Clara for processing. The orthodontist also has to make adjustments and corrections to the proposal after they are created in Pakistan. * Invisalign

The Santa Clara headquarters serves as central point between all channel members. Once Invisalign receives the patient’s information from the orthodontist, employees analyzes the data and constructs plaster and computer models of the current dentition. When completed, this model is forwarded to Pakistan for analysis. * Software Developers

The patient’s treatment plan is designed in Pakistan, which entails simulated tooth movements for each of the two weeks for the entire treatment process. Once approved by Invisalign and the orthodontist, these molds are then outsourced to the next channel in Mexico for production. * Manufacturers (Mexico)

Aligners are created from the molds received. They are trimmed, cleaned, polished and inspected before they are shipped directly to the orthodontist, which then forwards to the end customer. Members for Traditional Braces Market

* Customer
Similar to Invisalign, the customer or patient starts and ends the channel flow in the traditional braces process. The patient may either inquire or be referred by their dentist to seek treatment. * Dentist

The patient visits their general dentist and if malocclusion is diagnosed, a referral is made to an orthodontist. * Orthodontists
In the initial visit with the orthodontist, X-rays, photographs and dental moldings are collected from the patient. A treatment plan is created and in the next visit, brackets are cemented to each tooth and linked with an arch wire. Question No 4

Are there any gaps in the channel? Are channel members performing functions that Invisalign intends them to do? If not, then Why? Answer
Demand-Side Gaps
* Capturing the...

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