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Today’s market for fast prepped or “on-the-go” food is increasing, as individuals do not have time to spare for a traditional breakfast. Alongside with fast food restaurants and breakfast bars, demand is increasing for ready to go foods in the market. New models related with direct marketing towards consumers could contribute to blue ocean strategies. In particular, blue ocean strategies involving partnerships will move CPW in a less competitive region in industry. Some partnering strategies with: Fast-food franchises

Tim HortonsStarbucks
If CPW is capable of partnering up or creating contracts with well-established franchises to sell their cereals, they are able to get their product into a new market segment. Franchises are able to differentiate and enter a new product in their menus, along with CPW able to sell their products in large chains of fast food industries. Fitness centres/nutrition shops

Steve Nash Gyms
Gold’s Gyms
CPW can market their “healthy”, low fat, whole grain products and achieve a market share in the health aware industry. They can target market consumers wanting a healthy alternative for a quick snack, than consuming quick foods packed with preservatives. Franchise Bars

Franchise bars can open up more franchising opportunities, where people that want a quick meal can stop by a small shops like kiosks, and have a bowl of cereal.

CPW’s position for emerging markets is great, in which the consumption of cereal is much lower than the per capita in North American and UK markets. Emerging countries such as: China
These regions make approximately 11% of the world’s cereal consumption. Nestlé’s competence in these markets will be the key to success for penetration and growth through strategic marketing and sales processes. Furthermore, CPW can focus more into basing their marketing campaign around health and nutrition, emphasizing health news for all their products. As...
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