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Joshua Johnston
Business Ethic
Essay #1

In 21st century, business ethics are one of most hot topic that are surrounding in business world. Many of employees began to be arrested for violated the company's policies or laws. Violate the company's policies or laws are considering as not appropriate conduct and it break the business's ethics. Business ethics are more of moral value that come from individual whether employee feel it is right thing to do or it’s wrong. No one have the same ethics because everyone came from many different backgrounds. Therefore, some people think it’s right thing to do, while others doesn't. From my work experience, I had seen several people who are really badly at follow the business ethic that lead them to be in "hot water" or let go from job. Last summer, I started my new job as student custodian for facilities management services department at Rochester Institute of Technology. In each custodian department, they have two senior custodians who can take over boss's responsibility if boss is not here. They have more authority by have access to storage, order supplies, in charge of assign new assignment for the day to other employees, ensure everyone clean very well and follow the rules. It is not their just responsibility for the job, but they have their own space to be clean same as other regular custodian. When few weeks has passed, I noticed that several employees started to complaining about one of senior custodian isn't do his job. Even people that he cleans their offices are complaining that their office’s still dirty. When I was on break, I walked to my car to buy some food from gas station, I saw him sleep in his car. He already in the car before the break started. When we get back to work from break, he always picks up phone and began to chat with his friends at 5am in the morning! When fall quarter began, I became part-time employee. He assigned me to clean all of his spaces that cause other employees to be...

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