Stress Managment

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Stress Journal Instructions:

1. Keep track of your stressors for at least 21 consecutive days 2. You must have at least 21 stressors recorded for full credit 3. Track the date, time, who was present, where, what the event was 4. After a minimum of 21 consecutive days and a total of at least 21 entries have been accumulated, then begin to work on you final paper and present it in the form of an outline as shown below. 5. Step I is just a sentence or two stating what the primary (most common)stressor was. One exception: We want a typical weekly stressor to work on, not a major one time event that may occur during or just before your recordings. 6. Step II is to come up with a 4 part plan to makes things better in regard to the primary stressor. This prescription (solution) must be about what you can do to improve things, not a list of things you wish someone else would do or stop doing (focus on circle of influence not circle of concern). 7. Step III is to just give one part you would keep and one part you would get rid of regarding both this assignment and the class as a whole if you were going to run the class.

Stress Journal outline for PER 1300

I. identify primary stressor (1-2 sentences)
II. Stress Prescription (1-2 pages)
A. Life Situation
1. stressor explained in detail
2. possible solutions to the situation
B. Perception
1. current perception
2. possible future perception (silver lining)
C. Emotional Roadblock
1. structured (Yoga, Massage, Diaphragmatic Breathing, etc.) 2. Unstructured (hot bath, walk, reading a book, talking w/friend)
D. Physical roadblock
1. structured (aerobics class, walk every morning, ride bike 3x a week) 2. unstructured (take stairs, park farther away, find an active hobby) III. Conclusion (2 paragraphs)
A. Assignment critique
1. best part of assignment
2. I would get rid of or change ... about assignment
B. Class critique
1. best part
2. I would change/get rid of
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