Current Stressors

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What are your current stressors? Identify your top three and place them in order of most stressful to least. Describe your plan to deal with these top three stressors. Be specific. Current stressors: money, finding time to study, finding time to spend with my son. How do I plan to not stress about money, well I am very grateful it is tax season again. The money that I am receiving from my taxes, and the money from my loans for school, I am using it to pay off my bills. Right now, I am borrowing money from my son’s father. It is very difficult for me because I do not like borrowing money from anyone. Borrowing is something I have do adapt to right now, thanks Darwin. Finding time to study is tough, with a twenty-month old running around. I wish I could freeze time and just play with him! Sometimes, it is so hard to focus and I lose my time to study. I have started going other places to study. I am taking my teachers’ advice and picking up my books and going to the library, or I will lock myself in my room and turn on the television to drown out the noise of everyone around me. So far it has worked. I hope it continues. Trying to find time to spend with my son is really hard for me. I want to play with him all the time, ignore my books and wake up the next day refreshed with everything embedded into my memory for what I am supposed to know. I have come up with some ideas for spending time with my son and being able to study at the same time. I am starting to teach him the different domains in microbiology, about diversity in the nursing field, how to change sheets for when he is older. Applying what I am learning while spending time with him is great. He will be the only twenty-month old who can miter a corner and describe three different types of bacteria.
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