Stress Management

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Knes 342 Stress Management Study guide
The Nature of Stress:
- Our focus in this class is to explore stress through the lens of “wisdom” and “common sense” (look at stress with understanding of contemporary issues) - Wisdom and compassion rather than anger and fear to handle stress - Some changes that occurred includes

o Economy – financial uncertainties
o Technology- (iphone, ipods, ipads) feeling the stress of having to catch up to technology or the understanding of technology, information retrieval (internet, and the real info, speed of gaining info) communications ( social networking such at email, twitter, facebook) o Personal boundaries- lack of personal boundaries because advancement of technology has lead to an invasion of personal spaces. Occurs in several forms such as home, work, finances, nutritional habits, relationship, etc ▪ Lack of boundaries that leads to a fractured society where people feel little to no sense of community or belonging o Not having healthcare, new diseases, questions of vaccines, total freak out of bed bugs, natural changes (weather, seasons, global warming, fires, hurricanes, etc - percent all of disease that is stress-related:

← Today 43 percent of adults suffer health conditions caused by stress. ← Which leads to 80 percent of all doctor visits for stress-related problems. ← Today stress has been linked to heart disease, cancer, lung aliments, accidents, and death. Physicians now estimated that between 75 to 8o percent all of disease in stress-related - Lifestyle diseases- unhealthy habits that ultimately lead to a pathology (disease) and occur after years or even decades of not correcting or changing those unhealthy habits. (no medication or cure) - Stress- The word stress used to related to humans was first used by Hans Selye (1976) in his book The Stress of Life. “describe the level of tension people feel is placed on their minds and souls by the demand of their jobs, relationships, and responsibilities in their personal lives” (5). o Stress tied to the word self-esteem.

- Walter Cannon Harvard coined the first FIGHT OR FLIGHT response- term is used to describe the body’s physiological stimulation to survive any given threat. Body prepares itself in two ways; reaction to a threat (stress) o Fight- to attack or fight to defend oneself; triggered by anger or aggression and occurs to defend ones territory or environment. It’s a physiological response that requires powers and strength in a short burst of time that equal a brisk aerobic workout o Flight – to run ad escape the danger; produces the needed amount of energy to fuel the body long enough to run away or hide to ensure survival. o The response affects nearly every physiological system in the body supplying the body energy it needs to either run away or stand and fight – Three type of stress:

▪ Eustress- Good stress. Any stressor that motivates toward an optimal level of performance. This arises in any situation that is considered motivating or inspiring and can be seen as enjoyable and are not considered a threat. What are some example of this stress? ▪ Neustress-Any kind of information or sensory stimulus that is perceived as unimportant or inconsequential. This stimuli is neither good or bad. What are some examples of this stress? ▪ Distress- The unfavorable or negative interpretation of either a real or imagined event to be of a threatening nature that promotes feelings of fear or anger. This is the most common definition of stress. • Two types of distress:

o 1) Acute Stress- Intense stress that is short-term. These stressors are often a result of rapid-onset stressors that pop up unexpexdatley. The body begins to react before we fully understood the situation and a return to calm quickly follows....
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