Stress In College Students Essay

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College students are some of the busiest people from dealing with multiple classes, work, and all the other things that come along with being a student. Many students use the “stressed out” when someone asks how things are going for them or how they feel about their day so far. College just naturally demands more work from a student than high school once did. You start to realize these things almost right away once you begin college. The workload becomes bigger, the time seems to become shorter, and teachers become more demanding.
As a result of all these things, college students experience stress. Stress is anything that alters your natural balance and natural demands. Stress levels can vary. They can start off just having a little bit of stress, which can tend...

I spoke to a variety of students to see what they did to cope with stress. Some students explained that they use their planner so they can figure out how to manage their time, working out, taking a nap, and watching Netflix. Everyone copes with stress differently. Hannah Gray, a sophomore at UT, spoke about how it is important for her to work out when she experiences high levels of stress. “It can release some of the anger and frustration that I am starting to experience. It helps me burn off the energy that has been created by my levels of stress,” Hannah said.
Kyndall Hollie, a sophomore at UT, said that she deals with her high stress levels by taking a nap and this is her way of getting away from the stress. Kyndall said, “I don’t want to become sleep deprived so I nap when I’m stressed because I know that my physical health will decrease and I will not be able to get things...
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