How to Handle Stress in College

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How to Handle Everyday Stress in College
What is stress? We can easily get a denotative definition in our dictionary; it literally means mental or physical pressure. And how do the stress cause influence on our life? Stress is just like waves, going up and down on its own. It appears when we face something absolutely different from our expectations. Anything that can raise mental or physical conflicts may lead to stress. We come across stress everyday, everywhere and every time. There’s no way to escape it and what really works is that how you deal with it, leave it alone or sort it out immediately. Most stresses are beyond our control, but still there’re some which can be prevented in advance. Just for many of them are unpredictable, we have to learn to control these negative stress. Firstly you should know that you are not the only one suffering from those problems. Actually those problems, including stress, anxiety and depression, are confusing most people, especially these students in college. In face of stress, a large number of them show anger, frustration, and apathy. Where does the stress in college come from?

College life is always full of sorts of events, emotions and, of course, also problems. These problems can be caused from your examinations, your tasks, your personal relationships and even every aspect of your college life. We usually feel that we have more free time in college, be free to choose how many time we shall spend on entertainment and study. We all know that the life of college student is not fully connected with education, but it is well accepted that student’s life is rather stressful. Nobody will push you and put any enforcement on you since all you choose is already your own business. But judging from another view, it also means that you shall learn how to restrain yourself. In college, you have to work separately or in teams, have significant but very hard assignments. You have to read lots of books make endless notes...
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