Stress Analysis of Tube & Flat Flange

Topics: Von Mises yield criterion, Yield, Data Pages: 7 (771 words) Published: September 15, 2011
Stress analysis of tube & flat flange

Do not base your design decisions solely on the data presented in this report. Use this information in conjunction with experimental data and practical experience. Field testing is mandatory to validate your final design. Simulation helps you reduce your time-to-market by reducing but not eliminating field tests.

Table of Contents
Table of Contents2
List of Figures2
Model Information3
Study Properties3
Material Properties4
Loads and Restraints4
Connector Definitions5
Mesh Information5
Sensor Results6
Reaction Forces6
Free-Body Forces6
Bolt Forces6
Pin Forces6
Study Results6

List of Figures
tube & flat flange 2011 final3.1.1-Study 1-Factor of Safety-Factor of Safety17 tube & flat flange 2011 final3.1.1-Study 1-Stress-Stress18 tube & flat flange 2011 final3.1.1-Study 1-Displacement-Displacement18 tube & flat flange 2011 final3.1.1-Study 1-Strain-Strain19


Summarize the FEM analysis on tube & flat flange 2011 final3.1.1


Model Information
|Document Name |Configuration |Document Path |Date Modified | |tube & flat flange 2011 |Default |C:\Users\김윤중\Desktop\tube & |Tue Aug 16 00:51:53 2011 | |final3.1.1 | |flat flange 2011 | | | | |final3.1.1.SLDPRT | |

Study Properties
|Study name |Study 1 | |Analysis type |Static | |Mesh Type: |Solid Mesh | |Solver type |FFEPlus | |Inplane Effect: |Off | |Soft Spring: |Off | |Inertial Relief: |Off | |Thermal Effect: |Input Temperature | |Zero strain temperature |298.000000 | |Units |Kelvin | |Include fluid pressure effects from SolidWorks Flow Simulation |Off | |Friction: |Off | |Ignore clearance for surface contact |Off | |Use Adaptive Method: |Off |

|Unit system: |SI | |Length/Displacement |mm | |Temperature |Kelvin | |Angular velocity...
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