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The striving for success is the long everlasting progress for the company especially for Procter & Gamble. Its core value on the people had been already established and proved to be the great success around the world over the several century. Its fill in company everywhere such as employee's benefit , working and management style , innovation , marketing research , and company principle and policy and so on. Undoubtedly, those in turn let them make a significant number of tremendous achievement in employee's loyalty , product innovation , marketing and advertisement. Of course , the well developed training program and promotion channel for their management staff and professional also let them to uphold their value over time. Moreover, it cultivate them to understand the company well to response to the changing world. The success stories of acquisition , marketing research , best management strategy and best practice of company have leverage its global presence finally.

However, the global company may be sometimes huge enough to be inert. The best-known consumer good is not best anymore due to the private label appearance and consumer buying behavior change. Long term success and big profit-taking on the past-innovated products also paused their innovation which was one of key elements to generate profit for company in past. The prevailing culture and good practice in P&G also seems to be the obstacle of the company moving forward to compete with rivals speedy. Its market share eroded by private label and revenue plumped down as the result.

In order to revitalize the company , the Jager is appointed to be the leader who finally turnaround the company in attempt under his “Organization 2005”. However, his approach totally put the whole company in danger. Lafley ,as a result , replaced Jager as CEO to carry “Organization 2005” for beginning of new chapter.
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