Strategic Management

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Strategic Plan

Organization Mission
GM Holden is seeking to passionately innovate home appliances products, which will satisfy our customers for a reasonable price.

Organization Vision
GM Holden vision is to be one of the world leaders in motor and appliances while still ensuring that our customers lifestyle are enhanced by our products.

Organizational values
The organization values the following;
Integrity, where the organization values honesty in all of its processes in the organization Teamwork, the organization values team work as we believe performance and ideas has better results once perform in groups Customer feedback, the organization values customers and their feedback, as we believe that feedback, whether it is positive or negative, is a mean for organization to obtain improvement.

Strengths & weaknesses of existing and potential competitors and allies

The strengths that they hold are;
The competitors have more experience in producing home appliances products when compared to the GM Holden. The competitors have great reputation in home appliances products they have customers base who would be loyal to their brand. They have access to more resources; have a team who are more experienced in the home appliances field who can promote constant innovation of the product. Their weaknesses are that;

Most of their products are mostly expensive, and become almost unaffordable for large group of customers Each brand of competitors have the same idea that all products are looking too similar or even the same

SWOT Analysis
Key Strength
- 1. Holden develops and creates great car

engines, which they have been doing for a number of years
- 1. This is really important as

Holden should utilise this in the development of their fridge - 2. As of 2013, Holden are receiving twice as

much government funding, then any other brand in the industry. - 2. This is of great importance

as it is going to be costly entering the refrigerator market and this government backing could help
- 3. Currently Holden are manufacturing in

- 3. This is important, due to

many other fridge producing brands, such as Fisher & Pykel, no longer manufacturing on Australian shores anymore. A lot of Australians are more loyal to those brands that manufacture onshore.

Key Weaknesses

- 1. Holden have a large employee base.

Employing just over 13, 500, as of 2013, none of which are trained in developing or manufacturing a refrigerator
- 1. This is of paramount

importance, as the expense of either training existing employees or hiring new ones, needs to be factored in
- 2. Holden is a well known in Australia and New

Zealand, but the brand carriers little weight on the international market - 2. This is rather problematic,

if Holden is successful with their fridge product and wish to expand into the international market - 3. Home appliance manufacturing is not

Holden’s primary business
- 3. As Holden is not a strict

home appliance manufacturing company they may not be able to successfully and effectively compete with those companies such as Electrolux, who have been
manufacturing fridges for a number of years
Key Opportunities

- 1. Recently, a new prime minister has been

elected, which had lead to a rise in consumer confidence
- 1. Very attractive, Holden

should take advantage of this opportunity as consumer are most likely to spend during the period. - 2. Holden is a well known and recognised

Australian brand
- 2. Very attractive, this may

attracts attention from many consumers who are loyal to Australian products - 3. There is a noticeable consumer choice attitude

for “greener” sourced products
- 3. Attractive, as Holden

currently already utilise many...
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