Strategic Management and Swot Analysis

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FHBM1114 Management
Tutorial Part 4
Chapter 6: Strategic Management: How Star Managers Realize a Grand Design Section A (Multiple Choice Questions)

1. A large-scale action plan that sets the direction for an organization is called a A) mission.
B) vision.
C) strategy.
D) forecast.
E) central contingency plan.
2. Which of the following is the second stage in the strategic-management process? A) formulate the strategic plans
B) maintain strategic control
C) establish the grand strategy
D) establish the mission and vision
E) carry out the strategic plans
3. ABC Company has developed new products to appeal to more potential buyers. ABC is pursuing a ___________ strategy.
A) growth
B) stability
C) defensive
D) reorganization
E) reactor
4. Managers need to do a __________ as a starting point in developing a grand strategy. A) SWOT analysis
B) growth strategy
C) stability strategy
D) defensive strategy
E) planning analysis


FHBM1114 Management
5. When analyzing the "W" in SWOT analysis, a manager might be assessing A) possible challenges in the market.
B) competitors' actions.
C) high turnover of employees.
D) good financial resources of the firm.
E) governmental actions.
6. The company's CEO puts pressure on the firm's R&D managers to develop products that can be created cheaply for the world's consumers. The firm would be following a ________ strategy:
A) cost leadership
B) differentiation
C) cost focus
D) retrenchment
E) focused differentiation
7. Which two of the strategies below serve the narrow market in Porter’s competitive strategies?
A) Cost leadership & cost focused
B) Cost focused & focused differentiation
C) Differentiation & focused differentiation
D) Cost leadership & differentiation
E) All of the above

8. A vision or projection of the future is called a
A) trend.
B) forecast.
C) contingency.
D) strategy.
E) threat.
9. ABC Company phased out its line of typewriters last year. ABC is engaged in a...
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