Marketing Swot Analysis

Topics: Animal welfare, Organization, Strategic management Pages: 2 (469 words) Published: April 9, 2012

Opportunities/Threats analysis

The key opportunities facing the RSPCA are as follows:
More and more people want to make contribution to animal protection. Raise awareness of important animal welfare issues and wildlife-protection have been improved year by year. More companies as well as government advocate to focus on the public welfare establishment, such as the animal protect; Good education in the school for animal-care makes more young people pay more attention to this activity. The standard of animal care and protection is getting better and better, and legislation drafts more bills and makes more laws to protect animals. There are a few competitors, but offering not totally same service in the same industry. Good public trust and confidence was built to the public by RSPCA. It is one of longest history animal protection organisations in Australia and funded in part by government, which has the great reputation. Strong international relation and it has its own WSPA. RSPCA is world-wide organisation, with relation to other country’s RSPCA.

The key threats facing the RSPCA are as follows:
Vast of animals are being taken into care per year is unreasonable, other animals apart from dogs and cats have been increased by more than 16 precent, which needs more care to these animals. It brings much more pressure to RSPCA. There is potential competition in the industry. There are some organizations, as offering the similar service to the public, which can be seen as the major competition in the further. There is a lot animal clinics can take care of domestic animals, it brings more competition in area of domestic animals

Strengths/Weakness analysis

The key strengths of the RSPCA as follows:
RSPCA has more co-operations with other companies and organizations related to animal services. RSPCA has been doing very good advertising campaign.
It is not high profit organisation which has very low risk. Good service. The services are...
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