Strategic Plan, Part Ii: Swott Analysis

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Strategic Plan, Part II: SWOTT Analysis
Neltresia McLellan
Bus 475/ Integrated Business Topics
Fritz Hibbler

SWOTT Analysis

Figure A provides the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats and Trends for Intelligent Resources Unlimited. The external and internal factors outlined in the table provide information necessary to identify the progression of the company. The factors will guide the strategic direction that upper management must consider for the good of the company. The internal factors such as the strategy, structure, processes and systems, resources, goals, culture and technologies play an important role in determining where the company stands and where the company is going. Intelligent Resources Unlimited realizes that strengths have to be shown in order to stay competitive and motivated. The external factors such as legal and regulatory, global, economic, technological, social, and competitive create an extensive outlook of how Intelligent Resources Unlimited will be able to compete and adapt to changes outside of the normal day-to-day business operations. Adapting to Change

Intelligent Resources Unlimited is new to the customer-service oriented call center industry; therefore, the legal team is expected to familiarize themselves with tax laws and incentives being developed by changing regulations within the industry. Economically, Intelligent Resources Unlimited has a cost advantage lead over competitive companies in the area, which opens doors for new business. Intelligent Resources Unlimited has adapted to the changes in the organization by tracing and monitoring all media issues, new tendencies, modern training and technological issues surrounding the market and industry (Masgid, 2009). Verizon Wireless is one of Intelligent Resources Unlimited most prominent clients that have linked their databases to ensure all potential and current customers receive the most accurate and updated information. Threats

The size of the organization in reference to other call centers, the competitive edge of the rival organizations along with sufficient time required to train employees on the standards of the clients are all external influences on the strategic plan. The threat of economic recession, business cycles or loss of seasoned employees can be minimized if product, ethics and price remains within the leadership goals. Employees have to be reassured of the ability to face the challenges and threats of new and emerging trends and products. There may be an opportunity to merge with other companies or expand to different areas with new locations once Intelligent Resources Unlimited has proved their commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. Structure

Intelligent Resources will need to adapt both a formal and informal organization structure. The formal structure provides the foundation for the basic management functions involved in a call center environment. These functions include Quality Assurance, training, call handling, reporting, training, complaint management, coaching and supervising. There will be leadership, work environment, communication and feedback requirements outlined in the strategic and operational planning phase. To overcome the fear of losing employees; skill requirements, development, team building support, hiring and career alternatives will be offered by higher level management as well as immediate supervisors. “The informal structure has a strong influence over the success or failure of the center, it’s programs, it’s culture, and any changes” (Vida Consultants, 2004). Conclusion

Call Centers are not easy to manage or operate; however, the tools of management along with a thorough SWOTT analysis makes the process more manageable. “Knowing the characteristics and limitations of diversity management is considered the corner stone of success of any targeted company” (Vida Consultants, 2004).When brainstorming what direction or factors affect the decisions of the...

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