Strategic Linkages Assignment

Topics: Management, Human resource management, Strategic management Pages: 2 (508 words) Published: June 20, 2013
1.It is important for human resources to be a strategic partner because every business wants to be profitable. This should be the primary reason for the partnership (Fulmer & Genson, 2006). Being a strategic partner, human resources management can gain support to grow employee’s skills. They can also better understand the business demands to accurately and effectively train employees. Doing this will help to improve productivity and employee engagement. Human resources can help prepare the workforce for any challenges that may arise with the demands of the business. All of this will lead to profitability. Our text defines strategic human resources management as “aligning HR policies and decisions with the organizational strategy and mission” (DeCenzo & Robbins, 2010). Having human resources as a strategic partner means aligning the efforts of all of the different departments in the business with the plan’s strategic goals, and supporting them by effectively recruiting, developing, and retaining their workforce. If a business views their employees as valuable assets, they cannot afford to not have human resources management in a strategic partnership role. 2.One benefit that employees derive from the arrangement of human resources being a strategic business partner is funding. This funding could be for extra trainings, individualized development planning, competitive salaries, and benefits packages. If the human resources management is not able to plead their case, so to speak, for retention and attracting new talent then employee engagement could decrease. Another benefit for employees with human resources being a strategic business partner is employee relations. The increased credibility that can come from this partnership leads to increased trust, which in turn makes employees more comfortable with their leadership (Fulmer & Genson, 2006). As an employee, having someone in your corner to speak on your behalf can be very beneficial. A...
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