Strategic Analysis of the Uk Low Cost Industry with a Focus on Easyjet
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Report structure:

1) Number of students who attended
• Unfortunately, none of my buddies showed up for my meeting. A few of them provided me with excuses as to why they couldn’t show up and the rest just didn’t turn up.

2) Duration of meeting
• I waited 30 minutes before leaving and I received some messages from a few of the buddies with excuses as to why they couldn’t make it during this time.

3) Main issues or discussions undertaken – as meetings progress are there any reoccurring themes?

4) Was there an activity you used? How did that work out?

5) How did the group function in this meeting? How do you feel about how it went?

6) Do you have other comments? Are you aware of any trends or needs in the group?
• Although none of my buddies showed up for the meeting, I still keep in touch with them via Facebook. Before organising the meeting a few of them did get in touch with me via Facebook to discuss some issues and I was able to provide them with advise on these issues. The main issues involved, possible techniques of how to approach their studies, the importance of gaining a 2.1 for the first year of study and the best way to obtain books needed for their study. In my opinion, I think my buddies prefer to keep in contact using Facebook and this may be the reason why they didn’t turn up for the meeting. However, I did let them know that it would be nice to have a meeting as a group. The prospect of the next meeting looks good and I am hoping that some or even all of them show up.

7) Do you need anything from us in regards to support?

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