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STP analysis of Blackberry

What is STP ?

Blackberry in a nutshell


According to the mobile communication market’s features, Blackberry combined the occupation, behaviour and income three factors as the multiple segments to describe the consumers of mobile communication market.

Segment method
Business professionals
· Quickly access sales, product and organizational data in any database · Access Key Performance Indicators (KPI) while on the go · Remove the requirement to be near a desktop to view critical data · Support decision-making with automatic alerts and automatically refreshed data · Provide at-a-glance performance monitoring for accelerated action and decision making · Be willing to pay more for the newest products that provide the function they need VALS: behaviour segmentation

Innovators :
· Successful, take charge people
· High self-esteem
· Change leaders
· Very active consumers
· Purchase reflect cultivated taste for finer things

· Pursue the most fashionable products with advanced technology · Like the fashionable design
· Like to purchase the products of leading brand
· Be willing to pay more for the newest products

Above $70,000/year
· Purchase the expensive personal products
· Pursue the fashion products


Blackberry provides the solution to target market combined with the business professional, innovators and high income segments.

Below is the picture which depicts that Blackberry targets the mix of all three categories mentioned above.


The place a product occupies in consumers’ minds relative to competing products. Blackberry is a smart phone that ensures consumers to receive all kind of information instantly, and be able to browse the Web, make or receive phone...
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