Topics: Chance, Luck, Case study Pages: 1 (277 words) Published: July 11, 2013
We are given a month to make a case study in a company by Sir Castillo. The group comprises of Ian Ferdinand C. Chua, Zen Domingo, Maple Salac, Martin Tan, Amalia Formadero, and Lawrence Songco. The group was assign in Watsons head office in Mall of Asia. The group researches the exact location of the place called the head office and emailed the head of Watson’s office. so after one week the group went to the said head office after but they are disappointed after knowing that the Contact Person who is Mrs. Chay Garcia is in an indefinitely leave that handicaps the teams chance of starting a case study after a difficult week of the group looking for a way for them to have another contact person. The group talks to their professor about their hardship and luckily the sir Castillo is kind hearted and made the lives of the group easier by assigning them Smart Communication. The group was relieve and make the most of the opportunity by trying preparing instantly they research the exact location they emailed the contact person and luckily it answered back and the group was assign in a specific date but another problem arises due to fortuitous event only three members can go to the specific date which is Ian Ferdinand Chua, Maple Salac, and Zen Domingo. But luckily they are efficient in maximizing the scarce amount of group members the three finish the interview with Mr. Rosete( contact person). The interview lasted for one and half hour and the group were happy that they have gathered all the needed information. Now they are finishing the said Management Plan.
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