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Topics: Brown hair, Eye color, Family Pages: 5 (2074 words) Published: October 30, 2013
This is the story of a family that up until one horrific day seemed like an ordinary family. There was a mother, a father, an older sister, one younger brother, and a very loyal German shepherd. But before getting into that day, you need to know about the family more first. They live in a two story, three bedrooms, two and half bathroom house with light blue siding and dark blue shutters on the windows. In the front yard, there’s nice, plus, green grass, and one, very tall, oak tree next to the mailbox. In the backyard, there is a trampoline in one corner of the yard, and a rectangular-shaped, in-ground pool toward the other corner of the yard. More toward the house, in the back, is a small deck that has a grill on it, and a round, glass table with six chairs around it. All around the backyard was the stereotypical white picket fence that has now been changed to a dull, light brown, wooden fence. Angela, the mother of the family, is a thirty-seven year old housewife that has a part time job as a pre-school teacher. The man of the house, whose name is David, is forty-one years old and works as a police officer, but is also the football coach at the local high school. Angela, or as she likes to be called Angie, has strawberry blonde hair that flows likes waves almost all the way down her back, and baby blue eyes that are as big and bright as the moon. She’s also beautiful, and very short, being only five feet tall with a size six shoe. David, on the other hand, is a very muscular, six foot three inches man with dark brown hair that he usually keeps buzzed down, and dark brown eyes to match. David and Angie’s son is named Adam. Adam’s a healthy thirteen year old boy that is just going into eighth grade. He’s about five foot one inch and still growing, too. He has light brown hair, and the only with that hair color in the whole family. His eyes were the same as his dad’s, brown and as dark as mud after a heavy rain. The German Shepherd that is considered the “family dog” favors Adam out of everyone else, and he loves this dog, named Thor, almost as much as her loves his sister. The only daughter, Adam’s older sister, is a sixteen year old girl now in her third year in high school. Her name is Marie, and she has naturally bleached blonde hair, so blonde it is almost white, but she hates it and decided to dye it jet black. She has blue eyes just like her mother. If you had just met Marie, you’d think she was the happiest and most caring girl in the world, but you would be completely wrong. Marie is not short, but not very tall either, being five foot four inches, and very skinny, too. But she wasn’t skinny only skinny naturally, she has bulimia, a very severe eating disorder. She not only has an ED, but also depression, and scars covering most of her body, including her thighs, hips, arms, and most of her stomach/waist area. Some of the scars were old, but some weren’t even yet considered scars, in the instance that they had just started to scab. Marie is so very beautiful, even though she doesn’t see it; her brother does, and loves her more than anything and would do anything for her. Every day, Marie and Adam would go to school, Angela would go work with her pre-schoolers, and David would go to his job as an officer, while hoping to become sheriff one day soon. Also, everyday Marie would get home from high school around two in the afternoon, and Adam would usually arrive at home about an hour later. After Adam would get off of the bus, and run home as fast as he could, just to make sure his precious sister hadn’t killed herself. He did this every single day after school since sixth grade when Marie was a freshman. Some days, he would find her sitting at her desk doing her homework in her bedroom, but other days, she’d be locked in her bathroom, hysterically crying and wishing she was dead. He’d sit outside of the door, trying for sometimes...
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