Adventure Story

Topics: Badger, EverQuest, Two-handed sword Pages: 2 (679 words) Published: January 23, 2002
Long ago, there was a newly trained warrior from across the seas of Antonica, the race of the forgotten iksar being newly re-discovered had begun the life of one iksar. This neophyte warrior's name was Lyzzard. Lyzzard trained outside of his hometown killing scorpions and scaled wolf pups until he gained the level of 5. At this time he was getting bored of the creatures that inhabited the outside area of the gates of Cabilis and noticed that the road lead down into a pit. When Lyzzard decided he should go and check out this new land he had not seen before, he knew there could be some dangers in going. Though he knew, his warrior instinct dared him to ignore it. He followed the road down into what was known around the Feild of Bone as "The pit", and down there he saw that it was just as he hoped... many things to kill and fight. He fought a scaled wolf hunter and barely survived, he then decided that he needed a partner for this task of becoming a champion mightier than all other races. He found a partner in Jettlizzy the monk and Chleu the shaman which were at his level of training. After achieving

the 7th level of training, he decided to go off to explore on his own down in the pit. He walked around for what seemed like days along the walls of the pit, but he soon found out that he would have been better off waiting until he reached a higher level of training before he should have went off exploring. He walked upon some bones, which his instructor had told him about, of a dragon. He was told to be weary of the area where bones of a large creature come up from the ground with a large skull with sharp teeth lay. Lyzzard being daring as he was decided to ignore the warnings and search the area. After a few moments of arriving at the area, he found himself up against a creature that would change his life forever. This creature was a Badger looking creature known to most people as a Burnyia. Lyzzard drew his Fine Steel Two handed sword and attempted to destroy...
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