A Girl s Story 1

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A Girl’s Story
By David Arnason

Basic Content Questions
Why does the narrator want to give the heroine blonde
hair instead of black hair?
2) What does the narrator make the heroine take off?
Consider the effect both for suspense and to foreshadow.
3) Why are biblical names a problem for the narrator?
4) Who is Linda? Who is Greg?
5) To whom does the narrator “speak”?
6) Why does the narrator say that, “Dialogue is about the
hardest stuff to write”?
7) Linda sits on the riverbank, but Michael must be at the
river to fish. Why can’t Michael also sit on the riverbank? 8) Why does Michael take out his creel to share?
9) What did Michael reel in while fishing?
10)Why does the narrator end his story with a kiss?

Answers to basic content
Blonde hair is sexy and virtuous, black hair is just sexy, it could be equated with trouble
2) The heroine takes off her engagement ring. It creates suspense because the reader does not know whether she will jump in or what will happen once she sees the new man. It is foreshadowing because it allows her to meet a new man and fall in love.

3) Biblical names have too many expectations and connotations. 4) Linda is the main character of the love story. Gregg is her fiancé. 5) The narrator speaks to the reader.
6) The narrator believes the it is difficult to punctuate narration and the realism sound is hard
7) Michael needs to have a reason to be at the river.
8) He is sharing lunch
9) Michael reeled in an engagement ring.
10)The kiss is an endless romantic moment.

Identifying Point of View
First person point of view:
Does the narrator refer to him/herself using first person pronouns? Second person point of view:
Does the narrator address the reader as you?
Third person point of view objective:
Does the narrator refer to all the characters as “he”, “she”, “they”? The narrator can’t read minds and does not know what the characters are thinking
Third person limited:
Does the narrator refer to all the characters as “he”, “she”, “they”? The narrator can read one/ some minds and knows what one/some characters are thinking
Third person omniscient:
Does the narrator refer to all the characters as “he”, “she”, “they”? The narrator can read all minds and knows what all characters are thinking

Narrative Point of View

the handout “Narrative point of
view: some considerations”
Highlight information that might
reveal the following
Why did the author chose that point
of view?
Why is that point of view effective?
What other point of view might the
author have used? Why would this
point of view not be as effective?

Satire: Sarcasm, irony or wit used to ridicule or mock.
Satirical Styles
Direct - Satire is directly stated
Indirect - Satire is communicated though characters in a situation.  
Type of Satire
 Horatian - light-hearted, intended for fun
Juvenalian - bitter, angry attacking
Satirical Devices
1.  Irony - the actual intent is expressed in words which carry the opposite meaning. it is lighter, less harsh in wording than sarcasm, though more cutting because of is indirectness. irony speaks words of praise to imply blame and words of blame to imply praise. a) Verbal Irony - Simply and inversion of meaning

b) Dramatic Irony - When the words or acts of character carry a meaning unperceived by but understood by the audience. The irony is in the contract between the meaning intended by the speaker and the added significance seen by others.

c) Socratic Irony - Socrates pretended ignorance of a subject in order to draw knowledge out of his student by a question and answer device. Socratic Irony is feigning ignorance to achieve some advantages over and opponent.

d) Situational Irony - Depends on the discrepancy between purpose and results. Example: a practical jokes that backfires in situational irony

2. Travesty - presents a serious (often religions) subject frivolously, it reduces...
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