Storage Devices and Memory

Topics: Hard disk drive, USB flash drive, Serial ATA Pages: 3 (843 words) Published: October 12, 2013

Unit 6 – Storage Devices & Memory

Videos 1.06 and 1.08 covered Storage Devices and Memory. The 1st one covered all the different types of storage devices. It started with hard drives and went on to floppy drives, cd’s, dvd’s, solid state removable and tape drives. It also covered all the interfaces that can be used with them. The video also touched on power connections used to power up the different storage devices.

Video 1.08 covered memory. It went through the two different types of memory which are ROM and RAM. The video covered RAM memory. It broke down the two different types of RAM, SRAM and DRAM. During this breakdown it explains SIMM, DIMM, RIMM and dual channeling. Both videos end with A+ certificate information we need to know. Topics 1.06Topics 1.08

Hard DrivesSRAM
Hard Drive InterfacesDRAM
PATA – Parallel ATADual Channeling
Floppy DriveMemory Errors
Power Supply ConnectionsBoth end with A+ cert info
CD’s & DVD’s
SCSI Devices
Solid State Removable & Tape Drives
Molex – They are 4 pin power supply connectors used to give power to hard drives, cd drives and dvd drives. Berg – A smaller power connector used to power floppy drives. Solid State Storage – A storage unit that doesn’t contain any mechanical or moving parts. It is built using silicon microchip based architecture. Magnetic State Storage – This stores data on magnetic platters. Optical Storage – This is any storage method in which data is written and read using a laser. Vault Drive – This is a flash drive that comes with an encryption program that secures your data. ROM memory – This is read only memory. Data cannot be removed from ROM memory. It retains data even when computer is shut off. RAM memory – This holds recently accessed data so that the CPU can have quick access to it. RAM data can be changed at any time. It is read and write. SIMM – SIMM (Single Line Memory Module) is a module with...
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