Chapter 2 Review

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1.When determining the appropriate hardware components of new information system, what role must the user of the system play? 2.Identify two basic characteristic of RAM and ROM?
-RAM is temporary and volatile, it lose its content (data) is turned off or disrupted. -ROM is nonvolatile and not lost its contests if the power is removed. 3.What is RFID technology? How does it work?

-A technology that employs a microchip with an antenna to broadcast its unique identifier and location receivers. -It transmits data by a mobile device, called a tag, which is read by an RFID reader and processed according to the need of an information system program. 4.Identify the three components of the CPU and explain the role of each. -Arithmetic/logic unit: it role is to performs mathematical calculations and makes logical comparisons. -Control unit: it role is to sequentially accesses program instructions, decodes them, and coordinates the flow of data in and out of the ALU, the registers, the primary storage, and even secondary storage and various output devices. -Register areas: is a small amount of storage that is typically addressed by mechanisms other than main memory and can be accessed more quickly. 5.What is solid state technology? What advantages does it offer? -Is a technology that store data in memory chips rather than magnetic or optical media, these memory chips required less power and provide faster data access than magnetic data-storage devices. In addition, SSDs have few moving parts, so they are less fragile than hard disk drivers. -Advantages: provide faster data access, required less power. 6.Identify and briefly describe the various classes of nonportable single-user computers. -Thin client: centrally managed computer whit no extra drivers or expansion slots. -Desktop: are single-user computer systems that are highly versatile. -Net-top: is an inexpensive desktop computer designed to be smaller and lighter and to consume one-tenth the power...
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