It 240 Appendix F

Topics: Operating system, File system, File Allocation Table Pages: 3 (301 words) Published: August 23, 2013
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Appendix F

Vocabulary Table

Define five of the key terms listed in the following table:

|Term |Definition | |Windows | | |Processor | | |RAM |RAM is short for Random Access Memory and is a type of memory that is accessed | | |randomly. This is the type of memory that most people are familiar with as it is| | |the type that you can buy and upgrade/replace in a computer. You can consider it| | |the main memory of a computer | |ROM |ROM is short for Read Only Memory and is memory that cannot be modified in any | | |way or even be deleted. It is a permanent form of memory that’s generally used | | |to store instructions for the OS to communicate with the hardware | |Drives | | |Video systems | | |Pointing devices | | |Network card |...
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