stop gambling

Topics: Feeling, Gambling, Emotion Pages: 2 (571 words) Published: April 27, 2014
Stop gambling
Today, I’m going to talk about gambling. Nowadays, gambling becomes a entertainment in our life. Some people go there just for fun, but most people go there for money, they think they can make money by gambling. As we known, only very few people can make money from gambling, the winner always not belong to gamblers, so the problem comes out. Most people with gambling problems say they lost control over how much time and money they spend on gambling. Meanwhile, they ignored other responsibilities. They knew they had problems, but only gambling seemed important. Many people who gamble overly have mixed feelings about gambling. They know they are causing problems for the people they love. They may become anxious and unhappy, and often hate themselves. They feel they can’t give up on all the time, money and emotion they have put into gambling. They can’t accept that they will never win the money back what they have lost. Some people still believe their system will pay off, their luck will change or they are due to win. Others believe continue to gamble is the only way to get the money back. Eventually they will lose their money, family, even life. Also, it will make some serious consequences, like suicide, crime, and destructive behaviors. Other people promise to quit, but it is not easy. If they quit now, they will feel like a loser. They will have to face all the problems that gambling has caused. But, only to stop gambling can help them to start a new life. So here are some solutions to help people to quit the gambling. 1 Make a decision on a given day when you wake up that you will not gamble. Decide that for this one day you will not gamble. If you have to do it an hour at a time, it is okay. Sometimes you may have to do it in a minute at a time. it is okay, as you promise yourself in a given moment that you will not gamble. Schedule your day in a very structured way so you do not have a lot of free time. This can really help a lot, as you will...
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