Steve Biko

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Sunday 12th, September 2007
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A Martyr For Black Justice
Steve Biko, gave his life for Black Justice in South Africa! By Caitlin Pretty

Thirty years ago we lost a hero. A man that pain the ultimate price to give the black people of South Africa the same rights as the white man. This man was Steve Biko, civil rights leader, was born 18th December 1946 in King's William's Town, South Africa. Thirty years later, on 12th September 1977 in a prison cell Steve Biko died. The cause of death a brain haemorrhage after being continually and repeatedly beaten while in Police Custody at Pretoria Prison. He spent nearly all of his adult life fighting for equal rights between black and white people in South Africa. Which at the time was an apartheid country.

While still is school Steve Biko began showing an interest into Anti-Apartheid Politics. Due to his interest in Anti-Apartheid Politics he was expelled from his first School Lovedale Institute and was then sent to a Roman Catholic Boarding School. After graduating Steve Biko became a student at the University of Natal Medical School. During his time here Steve began to become involved with the National Union of South African Students (NUSAS) but later left the union and founded the South African Students Organisation (SASO).

Steve Biko was also one of the founders of Black People's Convention (BPC) in 1972. The BPC worked on projects that lifted the spirits and lives of the Black people. The BPC also successfully brought together close to 70 Black Consciousness groups as one. When Steve Biko was elected as the first leader of the BPC he was expelled from medical school. After being expelled he began working full time fighting for the Black Community.

Due to his public demonstrations on Black Justice by 1973 the

Steve Biko 1946 - 1977
Apartheid government had, had enough of dealing with the stirrings Steve Biko created so they 'banned' him. The restrictions of the...
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