the ballot and the bullet

Topics: Black people, Law, Rights Pages: 4 (1255 words) Published: December 1, 2013
Malcolm X was a famous national spokesman and delivered the message of the Black should stand up and fight for freedom through an influential speech,the Ballot and the Bullet. The purpose of the speech, “the Ballot and the Bullet”, was to persuade the African American to awake from being treated unfairly in political affairs, voting rights due to their nationality etc to become the controller of their economics, political aware or even human rights and civil rights. This essay is going to evaluate the persuasiveness of Malcolm’s speech.

Thinking of there might be a possibility that his speech could spread all around the world,Malcolm X did put some efforts on his speech’s credibility, or even considering different countries had their famous activists on civil rights, he mentioned at least three popular names in order to increase sympathetic response to what he was fighting for was possible. For example, Adam Calyton Powell, Revered Galamison and Martin Luther King who were all religion ministers. Adam was famous of his fight on civil right equalities in the congress while he was also an Abyssinian Baptist minister. Revered Galamision was a Christian minister who famous on his fight on eliminating segregated education while Martin Luther King was a minister who also famous on fighting the civil rights for the black people with the cooperation from an organization. Malcolm X built up his image by mentioning these names so as to gain credibility from the authority that he was reliable and capable which just like the three models that can be their spiritual leader and leading them to fight for their rights and freedom. Since what Malcolm X claimed to fight for not only about human rights, but concerning the whole nation’s rights and equal justice on how the white should look upon them, it was relatively require more courage in order to persuade the blacks to wake up from the past and stand up to fight towards the mighty group, therefore to get people’s support on...
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