Steps in Vegetable Carving

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Steps in Vegetable Carving

Vegetable carving is an ancient Asian art that was developed 700 years ago in Sukothai, Thailand, by a servant named Nang Noppamart, who carved a bird and flower for the Loi Kratong festival. The art is actually a requirement in the Thai school system. Modern chefs have adopted the practice, making ordinary vegetables look beautiful. The art continues to expand as culinary classes are offered and smaller-scale restaurants implement the vegetable creations on their plates. Advanced carvings require specialized stainless-steel precision knives, but you can learn basic designs with any small sharp knife. Add this to my Recipe Box.

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1. Cucumber White Lotus Flower
1.Cut a cucumber into three sections to make three shorter pieces. 2.Cut out eight petals of equal size by cutting three-millimeters deep into the cucumber and two inches down the length of the cucumber. These cuts will form the outer petals, each three millimeters thick and two inches long. 3.Repeat this same process with another internal layer to make another eight flaps that are three-millimeters thick. Center each petal of this layer between two petals from the outer ring to produce a layered effect.

4.Take out the remaining core of the cucumber by cutting the base with your knife to free it. 5. Peel back the flaps to create a fan. Trim the tops of each flap to a tapered point so they resemble flower petals. 6.Cut a one-inch long slice from a small carrot. Use the diameter of the cucumber core as a guide for the diameter needed for the carrot. 7.Score one side of the carrot slice in a criss-cross pattern and insert the disk into the center of the cucumber flower. Thai Flower

8.Cut a half-inch thick slice from the center of a radish or similar root vegetable. 9.Cut six tiny wedge notches, evenly spaced around the edge of the slice. The notches should just barely...
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