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Topics: Cell nucleus, Red blood cell, Eyepiece Pages: 3 (320 words) Published: September 21, 2014
Name: Angel Simon
Pre–Lab Question
Ocular lens
1. Label the following microscope using the components described within the Introduction.

Experiment 1: Virtual Magnification Exercise
Post-Lab Questions

1. At what magnification do you first notice the ragweed pollen? Answer: 1000

2. Which is bigger, a rhinovirus or E. Coli?
Answer: E. Coli

3. Based on the magnification, how many of the E. Coli can fit into the same space as the head of a pin? Answer: 2 Micrometers

4. About how many red blood cells could fit across the diameter of a human hair (again, look at the magnification scale)? Answer: 20 micrometers
Experiment 2: Virtual Microscope
Post-Lab Questions

1. After completing the m1 exercise in the “Try this” section, how tall is the letter e? Answer: about 1.8micrometers
2. What is the highest objective lens you can use to see the entire letter e? Answer: 10x is the highest objective lens where you can see the entire letter e .

3. The nuclei (the structure inside a cell that contains DNA) of the cheek cells have been stained using a special dye so that they appear purple. What shape are they? Answer: They appears to be small oval shape with a dark dot in the middle ( cloud shape) –the dark dot in the middle is the nucleus The purple is just from

the dye
(I tried to use to
Microsoft tools to
Draw a picture)

4. At high magnification, you may notice that not all of the nuclei in the onion root tip slide appear as the shape you described in the question above. What do they look like? Answer: The onion root appears to be a long oval type shape with lots of tiny black dots inside it.

5. What is the first step normally taken when you look through the ocular lenses? Answer: To adjust the Ocular lens so that there is only one light circle
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