Status of Nepalese Women

Topics: Rural area, Female, Sociology Pages: 3 (868 words) Published: September 3, 2010
Status of women in Nepal

About half of the world’s population is of women. In the western countries, both men and women enjoy equality of rights. But the situation in most of the Asian and African nation’s women is different. There is a large scaled discrimination between men and women. Discrimination starts from home itself, parents treat male and female child differently and have expectations based on the cultural differences (Nalini sastry, 2000).

Nalini reports socializing process is the responsible factors to differentiate male and female by their parents. In the past, in Europe and in America, there were lots of conflicts raised and for rights of women. They had protest or demonstration for their participation on various sectors of status uplifting.

These days the situation of women in western countries has changed a lot. They have been enjoying their freedom. They have adopted the culture of equity between both sexes and being treated both men and women by their caliber rather than gender. They have given emphasis on the capabilities and education level of women and weakness of women like physical structure, softness etc were least highlighted. But still Nepalese women were lacking far behind than western women in their freedom and access to education, economic resources and political power.

The United Nations has defined the status of women in the context of their access to knowledge, economic resources, and political power, as well as their personal autonomy in the process of decision making. When Nepalese women's status is analyzed in this light, the picture is generally bleak. In the early 1990s, Nepal was a rigidly patriarchic society. In virtually every aspect of life, women were generally subordinate to men.

The economic contribution of women was substantial, but largely unnoticed because their traditional role was taken for granted. When employed, their wages normally were 25 percent less than those paid to men. In most rural areas,...
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