Statement of Purpose

Topics: Management, Strategic management, Project management Pages: 2 (526 words) Published: March 28, 2011
I have been on the right career track to become a professional business manager. I double-majored in AAA and BBB in the university and have worked in the online and localization business for ### years. Working at Company A and Company B as a project manager allowed me to gain invaluable experiences of dealing with ZZZ PROJECT for various industries – such as A, B, C and D – and to learn they implement Integrated Marketing Communications strategies in each sector.

However, I felt my lack of knowledge of global business and multinational culture could be an obstacle to providing professional localization services for multinationals and globalization solutions for local companies. This is why I decided to learn global business tactics. So, I joined Company C, current employer. At the company, I'm learning what international business is and how it works and enhancing my ability to develop schemes for global business as a project manager. I believe the experience at Company C will help me become a professional in global business.

I also see some room for improvement in my work. Though I'm supposed to lead projects, I often have to just follow clients’ strategies and requests. This undermines my ability to lead projects independently. In order to develop my objective – strategic specialist, I believe, it is necessary for me to take the main role of setting up the strategy, not following it.

That made me determined to hone my existing skills – project management and online marketing – and learn indispensable new ones – strategic thinking – by obtaining an STUDY degree. Developing my competence at STUDY will be a cornerstone to seeking my future career as a business consultant. Ultimately, I would like to become a qualified director who formulates ZZZ PROJECT strategies and development plans of a multinational after achieving success as a business consultant.

When I have searched for a business school to apply for since YEAR, one of my criteria was location,...
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